Consumer funds are FDIC-insured, through relationships with our partner banks.

Finxera, Inc. is licensed as a money service business in the U.S. jurisdictions listed below.

State License State Agency
Alabama Sale of Checks Act SOC#524 Securities Commission
Alaska Uniform Money Services Act #AK-MT-10098 Division of Banking & Securities
Arizona Transmitters of Money Act #MT-0929910 State Banking Department
Arkansas Uniform Money Services Act 43398 Securities Commission
California California Money Transmitter Act #2513 Department of Business Oversight
Colorado Money Transmitter Act #500218 Division of Banking
Connecticut Money Transmission Act #33447 Department of Banking
Delaware Sale of Checks Act & Transmission of Money #019418 Office of State Banking Commissioner
Florida Money Transmitters Part II #FT230000134 Office of Financial Regulation
Hawaii Money Transmitter License #HIMT085 Division of Financial Institutions
Idaho Money Transmitters Act MTL-172 Department of Finance
Illinois Money Transmitter Act #MT.0000272 Department of Financial Institutions, Diviison of Financial Institutions
Iowa Uniform Money Services Act #MS- 2014-0079 Division of Banking
Kansas Transmission of Money Act #MT.0000091 Office of State Bank Commissioner, Division of Banks
Kentucky Money Transmission Act #SC17991 Office of Financial Institutions
Maine Money Transmitters Act #MD1168701 Department of Professional Financial Regulation
Maryland Money Transmitters Act #1168701 Commissioner of Financial Regulation
Michigan Money Transmission Services Act MT-0019679 Department of Insurance and Financial Services
Minnesota Money Transmitters Act #MN-MT-1168701 Department of Commerce Division of Financial Examinations
Mississippi Sale of Checks Act MT/002693/2015 Department of Banking and Consumer Finance
Missouri Sale of Checks Law #MO-15-7477 Division of Finance
Nebraska Money Transmitter Law 1168701 Department of Banking & Finance
Nevada Nevada Revised Statutes #MT11041 Department of Banking and Industry
New Hampshire Money Transmitter Law #19681-MT Banking Department
New Jersey Money Transmitters Law #L067558 Department of Banking and Insurance
North Dakota Money Transmitters Law MT102828 Department of Financial Institutions
Ohio Transmitters of Money Law #OHMT094 Division of Financial Institutions
North Carolina Money Transmitter License #163851 Commissioner of Banks
Oklahoma Oklahoma Financial Transaction Reporting Act OKDOB001 Oklahoma State Banking Department
Pennsylvania Money Transmitter License 50251 Pennsylvania Department of Banking
Puerto Rico Money Transmitter License TM-057 Regulation and Licensing Division
Rhode Island Electronic Money Transfers 20153095MT Division of Banking
South Dakota Money Transmitters Act MT.2094 Division of Banking
Tennessee Money Transmission Law #198 Department of Financial Institutions
Texas Money Services Business Law #3116 Department of Banking
Utah Third Party Payment Instrument Issuer No. 120 Department of Financial Institutions
Virginia Money Order Sales and Money Transmission Law #MO-316 Bureau of Financial Institutions
Washington Uniform Money Services Act 550-MT-91679 Department of Financial Institutions
Washington, DC Money Transmitters License MTR1168701 Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking
West Virginia Issuance and Sale of Checks, Drafts and Money Orders Act WVMT-1168701 Division of Banking
Wyoming Money Transmitter Act #7207 Division of Banking