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Use the updateClient API to change the details of an already existing client.

Request Parameters

  Parameter Required Type Description
subscriberId Y Long Specify subscriber ID issued when Finxera account is created.
+ clientId Y Object Specify either the bancBoxId or subscriberReferenceId parameter.
firstName N String First Name
lastName N String Last Name
middleInitial N String Middle Initial
ssn N String SSN
dob N Date Date of birth[YYYY-MM-DD]
+ address N Object Address
homePhone N String Home Phone
mobilePhone N String Mobile Phone
workPhone N String Work Phone
email N String Email
username N String User Name

Response Parameters

  Parameter   Type Description
requestId   long 13 digit ID for the API request being made.
status   Int Status of completed request, either 1 for pass, or 0 for fail.
+ warnings   Object A Warning object containing a code and description
+ errors   Object Request failed, error response.
clientStatus   String Responds with one of the following statuses for the client { 'ACTIVE', 'INACTIVE', 'CANCELLED', 'SUSPENDED', 'DELETED' }
cipStatus   String Responds with one of the following statuses for the client { 'VERIFIED', 'REJECTED', 'IGNORED', 'UNVERIFIED'}

WSDL URL (Production) :
WSDL URL (SandBox) :

Sample Request

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:sch="">
<wsse:Security soapenv:mustUnderstand="1" xmlns:wsse="">
<wsse:UsernameToken wsu:Id="XWSSGID-1261544568770-474929336" xmlns:wsu="">
<wsse:Password Type="">sample</wsse:Password>

Sample Response

            <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->
            <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->


Note:For REST, Content-type should be set to application/json
URL (Production) :
URL (SandBox) :

Sample Request

    "authentication": {
        "apiKey": "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE",
        "secret": "SECRET_PASSPHRASE"
    "subscriberId": ? ,
    "clientId" : {
        "bancBoxId": ? ,
        "subscriberReferenceId" : "?"
    "firstName": "?",
    "lastName": "?",
    "middleInitial": "?",
    "ssn": "?",
    "dob": "?",
    "address": {
        "line1": "?",
        "line2": "?",
        "city": "?",
        "state": "?",
        "zipcode": "?"
    "homePhone": "?",
    "mobilePhone": "?",
    "workPhone": "?",
    "email": "?",
    "username": "?"

Sample Response

    "clientStatus": "?", 
     "cipStatus": "?", 
    "requestId": ? , 
    "status" : ? , 
    "warnings" : [{ 
        "code": "?", 
        "message": "?" 
    "errors": [{ 
        "code": "?", 
        "message": "?"