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A schedule can be rescheduled using the updateSchedule API. The update can be done only for certain schedule statuses and not all.

Request Parameters

  Parameter Required Type Description
subscriberId Y Long Specify the Subscriber ID issued, when BancBox account was created
+ activity Y Object Specify the activity Id that has to be rescheduled.
rescheduleDate Y Date Specify the date on which the activity has to be rescheduled for.

Response Parameters

  Parameter   Type Description
requestId   Long 13 digit ID for the API request being made
status   Int It is the Status of completed request, (1 for pass or 0 for fail)
+ warnings   Object A Warning object containing a code and description.
+ errors   Object Request failed, error response.
rescheduleDate   Date The reschedule date for the activity

WSDL URL (Production) :
WSDL URL (SandBox) :

Sample Request

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:sch="">

Sample Response

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
      <ns1:updateScheduleResponse xmlns:ns1="">
         <return xsi:type="ns3:updateScheduleResponse" xmlns:ns3="" xmlns:xsi="">

Note:For REST, Content-type should be set to application/json
URL (Production) :
URL (SandBox) :

Sample Request

    "authentication": {
        "apiKey": "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE",
        "secret": "SECRET_PASSPHRASE"
    "subscriberId": "",
    "linkedClientId": {
        "bancBoxId": "",
        "subscriberReferenceId": ""
    "merchantFirstName": "",
    "merchantLastName": "",
    "merchantTaxId": "",
    "createdOnFromDate": "",
    "createdOnToDate": "",
    "modifiedOnFromDate": "",
    "modifiedOnToDate": "",
    "ascending": "",
    "pageNo": "",
    "resultsPerPage": ""

Sample Response

   "rescheduleDate": "",
   "status": ,

Note: This is a beta version. The api listed here are likely to change.