The collectFunds method allows you to bring funds into your client's Finxera account from an external source, another Finxera acount, or credit card . Possible methods include funding using ACH, Credit Card and internal Book transfers. You can schedule funds movement in the future by specifying a date, give multiple dates for recurring payments, or have Finxera execute immediately by not specifying a date.


Request Parameters
Parameter Required Type Description
destinationAccount Y Object The funds will move from the source to the destination account specified in this parameter.
  printer bancBoxId N Long Finxera issued ID for the client account.
  printer subscriberReferenceId N String Reference ID for the account chosen by subscriber when account is created (Max length:45)
items Y Object items
  printer referenceId N String Subscriber specified reference ID for the transaction being completed (Max length:45)
  printer amount Y double How much money is being transferred (Max Value:9999999999999.995)
  printer memo N String Memo (Max length:128)
  printer scheduled Y scheduled If scheduled parameter is included, the transaction will take place on the specified date. Otherwise, it will be executed immediately.
    printer scheduleDate Y date Schedule Date[YYYY-MM-DD]
source Y Object Must choose from linkedExternalAccountId, newExternalAccount, or account parameters. Do not include more than one.
  printer linkedExternalAccountId Y Object Choose either the BancboxId or subscriberReferenceId parameter.
    printer bancBoxId N long Finxera issued ID for the linked External Account.
    printer subscriberReferenceId N string Reference ID for the external account chosen by subscriber (Max length:45)
  printer newExternalAccount Y Object Using the newExternalAccount parameter allows the subscriber to create a new linked external account without having to use the linkExternalAccount API.
    printer account Y Object Account
      printer bankAccount Y Object Bankaccount
        printer routingNumber Y string Routing Number (Max length:45)
        printer accountNumber Y string Account Number (Max length:45)
        printer holderName Y string Holder Name (Max length:45)
        printer bankAccountType Y enum Select the Bank Account type SAVING or CHECKING
      printer creditCardAccount Y Object Credit Card Account
        printer tokenizedId Y String tokenizedId
        printer trackdata Y String Track data
        printer creditCardDetails Y Object Select a creditCardType (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICANEXPRESS)
          printer number Y String Number
          printer expiryDate Y date Credit Card Expiry Date[MM/YY]
          printer type Y String specify one of the following statuses{ 'VISA', 'MASTERCARD', 'AMERICANEXPRESS' }
          printer name Y String Name (Max length:45)
          printer cvv Y String CVV
          printer address Y Object Address
            printer line1 Y String Line 1 (Max length:128)
            printer line2 N String Line 2 (Max length:128)
            printer city Y String City (Max length:45)
            printer state Y String State
            printer zipcode Y String Zip Code
  printer account Y Object The account parameter is a Finxera account for a client.
    printer bancBoxId N long Finxera issued ID for the client account.
    printer subscriberReferenceId N string Reference ID for the account chosen by subscriber when account is created (Max length:45)
subscriberId Y long Specify subscriber ID issued when Finxera account is created.
method Y Object The method must include only one of {book, ach, creditcard} as an empty parameter.
  printer book N Object Book method moves funds from one Finxera account into another Finxera account.
  printer ach N Object ach method moves funds from an external account to a Finxera account.
  printer creditcard N Object Creditcard method moves funds from a credit card account to a Finxera account.
Response Parameters
Parameter   Type Description
requestId   long 13 digit ID for the API request being made.
status   int Status of completed request, either 1 for pass, or 0 for fail.
itemStatuses   Object Item Statuses
  printer id   Object ID's of the collectFunds transaction.
    printer bancBoxId   long ID of the transaction used by Finxera
    printer subscriberReferenceId   string ID of the transaction created by the subscriber.
  printer status   int This status shows the state of the transaction, IN_PROCESS or SCHEDULED.
  printer messageCode   String Message code
  printer messageDesc   String Message description
  printer errorCode   String Error code
  printer errorDesc   String Error message
  printer itemStatus   int This status shows if the transaction itself went through, 0 for fail, 1 for pass.
  printer externalReferenceId   id externalReferenceId
Related Errors
Parameter Short error messge Description
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