This method allows a subscriber to open a Finxera account under a specified client.


Request Parameters
Parameter Required Type Description
subscriberId Y Long Specify subscriber ID issued when Finxera account is created.
clientId Y Object Specify either the bancBoxId or subscriberReferenceId parameter.
  printer bancBoxId N Long client ID used by Finxera, 6 digit number.
  printer subscriberReferenceId N String subscriber created ID for client (Max length:45)
referenceId N String Subscriber created reference ID for the account (Max length:45)
title N String Name of the Finxera account (Max length:45)
routable N Object Routable Status
  printer credits N String Routable Status {YES/NO}
  printer debits N String Routable Status {YES/NO}
accountType N String Responds with one of the following accountType { 'GENERAL', 'SPECIAL'}
Response Parameters
Parameter   Type Description
requestId   Long 13 digit ID for the API request being made.
status   Int Status of completed request, either 1 for pass, or 0 for fail.
warnings   Object A Warning object containing a code and description.
  printer code   String A Short code for the warning message.
  printer message   String Warning message description as string.
errors   Object Request failed, error response.
  printer code   String Code of specific error.
  printer message   String Message appears under error code, which describes the error that occurred.
account   Object Account
  printer id   Object The IDs for the newly opened account are shown here.
    printer bancBoxId   Long ID that is generated either by Finxera for this Account or generated by the Subscriber for this account.
    printer subscriberReferenceId   String ID for the account created by the subscriber.
  printer accountType   String Responds with one of the following statuses { 'GENERAL', 'SPECIAL'}
  printer routable   Object Routable Status
    printer credits   String Routable Status {YES/NO}
    printer debits   String Routable Status {YES/NO}
  printer routingNumber   String Routing Number
  printer status   String Responds with one of the following statuses { 'OPEN', 'CLOSED' }
accountType   String Responds with one of the following accountType { 'GENERAL', 'SPECIAL'}
Related Errors
Parameter Short error messge Description
No records
XML Examples
Request XML
Response XML
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